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Please book them with "Lunch and Event Booking Form". The link is located on the top page.
No fees are required for all events and parties except Banquet.

Lunch and Event Booking Form

Special Booking Form for Additional Mini-tours on Oct. 11

October 9 (Monday)

Welcome reception

Time: 18:30-20:00 on Oct. 9
Room: Daikan, Kyakuden 6F

October 10 (Tuesday)

Mini-tour (Visiting to Tojinbo)

Time: 16:15-18:15 (After afternoon session) on Oct. 10.
- Booking is necessary.
Tojinbo (Enjoy Fukui)
Tojinbo (Japan National Tourism Organization)

Sponsor's Buffet Party

Time: around 18:30 (after mini-tour) to 20:30 on Oct. 10.
Room: Daikan, Kyakuden 6F
- Buffet style
- Booking is necessary.
- This party is sponsored by Correlated Solutions. Thank you!

October 11 (Wednesday)

Mini-tour (Family tours) (temple, lakeside etc.)

Time: 9:00-12:00 on Oct. 11
- Booking is necessary (Capacity: 30 people). Booking form is located at the top of this page.
- Visiting places: Yoshizaki Gobo (temple), Kitagata lakeside garden
- Individual joining is welcome although the name is 'Family tour'. Everyone can join it.
- Meeting place is Lobby of Seifuso 1F entrance at 9:00.
- The family tour is planned and operated by students from the Department of Sustainable Agriculture, Faculty of Bioresources, Fukui Prefectural University as part of their education.

Details: click here.

Mini-tour (Town walk) (Awara onsen)

Time: 16:00-17:00 on Oct. 11
- Booking is necessary (Capacity: 30 people). Booking form is located at the top of this page.
- Meeting place is Lobby of Seifuso 1F entrance at 16:00.
- The mini tour is a casual walk around the hot spring town before the banquet. Local guides will lead you through shrines, hot spring streets, public baths, and footbaths. Let's take a seat on the “engawa” of Beniya Ryokan, where the city and agriculture interact. Awara Onsen is celebrating its 140th anniversary this year.

Details: click here.


Time: 18:20-20:40 on Oct. 11
Room: 6F Daikan
Notice: Students and accompanying person are required additional fee 10,000 YEN. Regular, Vender, or Special attendees can join it free.
Booking is necessary.
- We are sorry that the booking has been closed already on the booking site.
- However, around 10 seats are available now.
- If you want to join it, please us know soon by e-mail to Secretariat. Applications of additional booking will be accepted in the order of application first. (We apologize if there are no seats left when you apply it.)
Contact: info@atem23.com

October 12 (Thursday)


Time: 12:45-18:00 around on Oct. 12
We will visit (1) a radio telescope facility in Fukui University of Technology, and (2) Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture.

- Booking is necessary. (Sorry, booking have been closed.)

In Fukui Prefecture, industry, academia, and government are collaborating to develop and operate artificial satellites as a prefectural satellite project. Fukui prefecture is the first prefecture in Japan to to launch and operate an artificial satellite. Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture has several useful equipments for environmental testing of artificial satellites.

Fukui Satellite Project (Youtube, 2 min) (with English telop)
Fukui prefectural satellite project (in Japanese)
Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture (in Japanese)

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