ATEM-iDICs'23 Lunch and Event Booking Form

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Please inform us dates that you need lunch box. (No fees)
Check dates you need lunch* October 9 Monday         Yes. I book it.     No
October 10 Tuesday       Yes. I book it.     No
October 11 Wednesday   Yes. I book it.     No
October 12 Thursday      Yes. I book it.     No


We are planning several events. We need to know the number of participants to prepare them. Please let us know if you will join or not. Thank you for your cooperation. (@: no fees)
Welcome Reception on October 9 (Monday) (@)* Yes, I book it.    
Mini-tour visiting to Tojinbo on October 10 (Tuesday) (@)* Yes, I book it.    
Sponsor's Buffet Party on October 10 (Tuesday) (@) * Yes, I book it.    
Banquet on October 11 (Wednesday)* Yes, I book it. (I'm a Regular, Vender, or Special attendee)    
Yes, I book it. (I'm a Student)    
Yes, I book it. (I'm an Accompanying person)    
Notice: Students and accompanying person are required additional fee 10,000 YEN.
            Regular, Vender, or Special attendees can join it free.
Excursion on October 12 (Thursday) (@)* Yes, I book it.    

If yes, please tell us where you want to be dropped after the excursion. (The following time is approximately. It will be changed depend on the traffic situation. )
Seifuso Hotel, Awara (17:45)   
JR Awara station (17:35)    
JR Fukui station (17:45)    
Komatsu airport (18:45)    

Additional request: Please input the following informations in the comment box. The details of explanation is here. If you are Japanese, please written in Japanese.
1. Country:
2. Current Affiliation:
3. Past affiliations you were employed (last one or two, or please fill 'None'):