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Clark KENT (University of Fukui)
Peter B. PARKER (University of Fukui)
Dan MOROBOSHI (Seven Co. Ltd.)
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1. Digital Image Correlation
2. Optical Methods: from the Frontier to Practical Application
3. Nondestructive Testing, Monitoring and Healing
4. Fracture and Strength
5. Time-dependent Materials
6. Dynamic Behavior
7. Biomechanics and the Related Topics
8. Quantum Beam Techniques and Their Applications
9. Micro and Nano Mechanics
10. Composite Materials
11. Maintenance and Management Technology for Social Infrastructure
12. Additive Manufacturing
13. Smart Materials
14. Reliability and Design of Electronic Packaging
15. Self-healing Materials/Self-healing Systems
16. High Temperature and Extreme Environments
17. Soft Materials
18. Thermal Methods
19. Recent Advancements in Hexagonal Close-packed Metals and Alloys
20. New Aspects of the Study on Shape Memory Materials in Use
21. Stress and Strain Measurement
General session